What is Resilience?

Emotional Intelligence is “outside:in” – it is active behaviour,  that others observe, that makes us effective as leaders.

Resilience is “inside:out” – the inner strength to handle setbacks and cope with adversity.  It is our own resources of grit, determination and confidence, that enable us to deal with difficult situations and “keep our shape” in the face of challenges.

People experiencing the same basic adversity…

  • …attend to different information,
  • …think different things about it,
  • …and say different things to themselves and those around them

They generate different emotional reactions in themselves…

  • …leading them to choose different actions…
  • …and provoking different re-actions in those around them.

At every stage of this process, you are making choices

Resilience at its simplest is about having more options and making better choices

Dedici Workshop recommendation:

Resilience for Healthcare Professionals



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