Successful virtual meetings – with the Magic 6 (TM)

Now that most of us are attending so many Virtual meetings, how can we ensure clarity?

Recently I have come across Dr. Penny Pullan’s work on Virtual Leadership, and thought her Magic 6 (TM) elements for starting virtual meetings were so useful.

Meeting Start Up Template in use

1) We Are Here To:

Every meeting should have a clear purpose that can be stated in 5 to 10 words – if can’t, perhaps there isn’t one! “It’s Monday morning” is not a clear purpose; “to reconnect the team and be clear what were doing” is better.

2) Today We Will:

4 to 5 objectives for the meeting.

3) Our Plan:

Time plan for the meeting, including start and end times, breaks etc. Anything over an hour will probably need breaks, but meeting are best kept to less than an hour anyway!

A top tip from Penny at a recent Lockdown Leadership Conference:

  • Start meetings at 5/10 minutes past the hour, and finish 5/10 minutes to the hour for a breathing gap or a “bio break”!

4) Who’s Doing What:

Get as many involved as possible so as to keep everyone engaged. Have different facilitators throughout the meeting, as well as a timekeeper and minute taker to record actions and decisions.

5) How We Work Together:

It’s important to set out the ground rules. This might include for all to stay on mute (especially if in noisy environment), and to state your name before each comment.

Another great suggestions is to poll everyone regularly, calling upon them in a random order to ask their thoughts. Set that up at the start, then no one will check out mentally. They know they may be asked at any point, and they may be first!

6) What’s Next:

Who is going to do what, and when as a follow up from the meeting. This should be reviewed at the end.


Peter Wilson – Dedici Business Development Director

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