Spring Cleaning your Inbox in Outlook


Picture a doctor we came across recently:  They were very stressed about their emails and had stopped visiting their inbox, which was causing all sorts of issues for colleagues and patients.  What was the issue?  They had 1500 unread emails!  Their solution?  Delete the whole inbox and start again – if it is important, they will be chased.  If you can relate to this digital magpie, here are a few tips:


  1. Click on the received tab and scroll down.  Delete all unread messages in your inbox that are over two months old and still unopened.  If you have not read them by now, you never will, and if the message was important the sender will have found a way to reach you by now.
  2. Receiving newsletters or blog notifications? Which ones are useful to you now?  If you are not reading them, open the email and scroll down until you find an ‘unsubscribe’ (a legal requirement) and click on this.  It will take you to the internet site and you may have to click a reason why you are leaving but at least you will not get a monthly mailing any more.
  3. Create sub-folders for emails you need to keep for future reference. Right click on ‘inbox’ you will see a drop down menu.  Click on ‘new folder’ and generate a name for your folder.  Then drag the emails you want to save in to this folder.  Sometimes your folders can be hidden – you will see a little white arrow next to ‘inbox’ – click on this and all will be revealed.
  4. Ruthlessly delete any remaining emails that are not useful – you really should have no more than 20 emails in your inbox at any one time.
  5. Set a reminder in your online calendar to sift through your emails methodically once a fortnight using the principles above


Workshop recommendations:

  • Using Microsoft Outlook for Doctors (0.5 day)
  • Introduction to using Microsoft Excel for Doctors (0.5 day)
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel (0.5 day)
  • Using Microsoft PowerPoint for Doctors (0.5 day)
  • Using Technology Effectively for Doctors (bespoke – Premium price)



Our Technology workshops get rave feedback! Evaluation average is 9.52 out of 10!

Recent feedback comments include:

  • Very useful tips on effective PowerPoints and excellent time saving organization tips on outlook
  • Very good facilitator – ensures that pace is kept for the group and that subject is fully understood
  • Presented in an artistic, interesting way. Good explanations and plenty of illustrations
  • Good use for personal/academic work
  • Brilliant!




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