Open Courses


Dedici is proud to work with some 80 NHS Organisations across the UK, including 7 HEE regions (formally Deaneries). Generally, Trusts/HEE teams commission us to train groups of around 15 Doctors and provide a venue for this purpose.

However, due to budget constraints, small delegates numbers etc. sometimes this is not possible. At times, a better option is to organise a Regional “Open Course”. Individual delegates can register personally, or Trusts can block book a number of delegate places. At times, 2 or more Trusts combine to make up the numbers. This complements what may be available in house and is a cost-effective way of ensuring all receive the training they need.



Cost is per delegate and depends on the venue. At times, one Trust agrees to provide the venue in exchange for free delegate places.


Generally, Dedici organises and pays for the venue/catering in a location central to several interested Trusts.


Most of our workshops are suitable for delivery as an Open course event. Our catalogue has some 80 titles to choose from.


To enquire about Dedici Open Courses, see our Upcoming Events page, or contact [email protected] for more information.


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