Free Private & Confidential Survey

The survey below is just an example for you to test out.  The real thing has been freely provided by Dedici and used by NHS educators to discover easily and quickly what CPD opportunities their audiences need right now.  “Educators” include Postgraduate Associate Deans, SAS Leads/Tutors, Clinical Education Supervisors, College Tutors, Medical Education Managers/Directors and others.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch!  You (not Dedici) are in full control of the target audience’s contact details.  Dedici never sees them.  You will be provided with access to the reporting url to view the anonymous  responses, collated and summarised, throughout the survey period.  We can change the rows and columns in harmony with your specific requirements.

What do Dedici get out of this?

With your permission we would like to propose providing some of the courses/workshops your survey indicates are needed.  We will collate the responses from any users to guide the development of new bespoke courses.

What do I do now to get my free, private & confidential survey?

Contact Peter Wilson, Business Development Director.  Email  [email protected]  or call 0333 012 9980.

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